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( Jianong Xiuxian; 1877 Middle Huaihai Rd; 1877 , 8pm-2am; Jiaotong University) Shanghai’s longest-running gay bar is a friendly place with a flash, square bar to sit around, as well as a few corners to hide away in. It attracts both locals and expats, but it’s mostly for the boys rather than the girls. The entrance is on Tianping Rd.

No 88 Club

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( 88 Souhao Baba Jiuba;; 2nd fl, 291 Fumin Rd; 291 9pm-6am; South Shaanxi Rd, Changshu Rd) This nationwide chain is the place to go when you’re ready to get down Chinese-style Offline map Google map, with over-the-top baroque decor, West Coast beats, nonstop drinking games and lots of whisky and green tea. One of the city’s most popular party spots.

Lola Club

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(; Bldg 4, Surpass Court, 570 Yongjia Rd; 570 4 10pm-3am Tue-Sat; Hengshan Rd) A superior sound system and wall-to-ceiling video projections that sync with the beat pull in the crowds at this first-rate club, opened by a trio of Catalan DJs. Plus, they serve tapas.

Shanghai Brewery Microbrewery

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